16’ VHF 10dBi Marine Antenna (no cable)


Designed for use with an existing or custom 50 ohm cable run, DAI’s powerful and durable 16′ VHF antenna offers a premium quality type N connector at base for a secure waterproof connection. Features include an 18″ stainless steel 1.5″ OD base with 2 sets of stainless steel mounting clamps. A powerful gain of 10dBi and solid construction make DAI’s 16’ VHF antennas the ideal choice for critical communication onboard large yachts, commercial vessels and base stations.

All DAI’s 16′ VHF antennas require a side support 3′ to 4′ from the base of the antenna. Do not place a support brace above 70″ from base of antenna as this will affect antenna’s performance.

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